Improve research reputation with customized research communication strategy and implementation

For your research to have an impact, it needs to be communicated effectively to the right audiences. This audience is diverse, comprising other researchers, policymakers, funders, startups that take research to market, the media, and the public at large. We partner with universities to build a cohesive research brand and co-create a research promotion strategy that helps you communicate the research produced by your university to all stakeholders

Our Solutions
Research communication strategy
Research hub creation and maintenance
Social media strategy and management for research promotion
Paper shortlisting for high impact promotion
Research infographics and video summaries
Impact metrics tracking and reporting
Research promotion strategy, including research news creation and dissemination
Research news story creation
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How we can support you

Identify areas that need to be prioritized for communication

Our team will work with you to identify key areas that need to be worked upon to build reputation. Based on this survey, we will craft a strategy for building research reputation over the short, medium, and long run.

Create a bespoke communication plan

From creating a research communication calendar to crafting research news stories to identifying platforms for dissemination, we will create a bespoke plan to reach the audiences most appropriate for the research and ensure it has maximum impact

Make your research more accessible

We create immersive audio, video, and graphical tactics to convey your complex research in a simple manner for policymakers, funders, and the general public.

Trusted by leading global universities

Service list

Pick the right plan for your university's/ institute's needs

Solution package for research dissemination

What we offer

  • Creating an annual dissemination strategy and plan
  • Building an owned platform to host research output
  • Identifying news-worthy research from your corpus
  • Crafting research news stories with infographics and video summaries
  • Disseminating news through media networks, marketing, and social media
  • Tracking metrics to measure impact of each action item

Essential solutions to achieve dissemination targets

What we offer

  • Identifying news-worthy research from your corpus
  • Crafting research news stories with infographics and video summaries
  • Disseminating news through media networks, marketing, and social media
  • Tracking metrics to measure impact of each action item

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A package to suit your needs, with flexible service add-ons available on demand.

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“The quality of both the videos and the customer service that Impact Science supplied, being sensitive to tight product turnaround times, greatly exceeded our expectations.”

Paige Shaklee Executive Publisher | Reviews and Society, Cell Press

Case studies

See how Impact Science empowered clients to innovate and transform science communication.

How Impact Science helped the London South Bank University review impact case studies for REF 2021

Like other universities in the UK, London South Bank University was deep in the throes of its preparations for REF 2021. The REF and LSBU’s impact team contacted Impact Science to provide a set of impact case study reviews.

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Paving the Way for Dongguk University Becoming a Global Research Hub

In order to bridge the gap between scientists and the public, university research departments are exploring alternative formats for science communication. South Korea’s Dongguk University understood the need to explore ways in which it could communicate its research impact and reached out to Impact science.

Read the case study

Brand engagement in China augmented by leveraging local social media

The BMJ, one of the world’s leading general medical journals, had difficulty building a presence in China. Translating content into Chinese was comparatively less successful in getting engagement from the Chinese research community.

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Breakthrough Research Made Simple and Sharable

How to create self-explanatory graphical summaries of select articles that could be shared with a growing audience of orthopedic surgeons and researchers and be easier to digest.

Read the case study

Demystifying Data Provenance

How Impact Science gathered evidence for REF 2021

Read the case study

Taking Cutting-edge Research to the Masses

Impact Science decided to communicated TUS’ cutting-edge research through catchy news-style, scientific press releases, engaging infographics, and videos that summarize the key findings.

Read the case study

Analysing the Risks in the UK Pension Scheme

Evaluation of the Impact of the King’s College London Research Program

Read the case study

Evolving alongside technology — towards a digital future

How do you catalyze an organisation rooted in the industrial revolution to mature with the digital revolution?

Read the case study

Neurology research made short and simple

How do you help busy clinicians keep pace with the steady developments in research?

Read the case study

Decoding the Humanities for today’s world

How do you connect a 330+-year-old publishing house with new audiences and geographies in the most relevant and contextual way possible?

Read the case study

Many Lifesaving Ideas—One Powerful Story

How does a journal repurpose its research propositions, breakthroughs, and discoveries into a format that allows its readership—busy professionals—keep track of it all?

Read the case study

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