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Meet the team

Abhishek Goel

Co-founder & CEO

Envisioning solutions to take research to the widest possible audience and solve real-world problems

Harini Calamur

Head, Impact Science

Supporting universities, academic societies, publishers, researchers, and governments to help them communicate the impact of research to various stakeholders

Abhinav Bhargav

Head, Corporate Partnerships (Global)

Partnering with publishers, universities, and other large stakeholders globally to help with strategy and client growth

Nikesh Gosalia

Senior Vice President, Global Academic & Publisher Relations

Giving top scholarly publishers and societies in the United States and Europe access to high-impact science dissemination and technology solutions

Pablo Palmeiro

Vice President, Publisher Partnerships

Partnering with publishers in the United States and across Europe to help them communicate their brand and research value to the world

Dina Mukherjee

Marketing Director

Meeting researcher challenges with an ecosystem of products and solutions, empowering them to be more, do more, succeed more

Makoto Yuasa

Representative Director, Japan

Helping researchers, universities, and publishers in Japan grow and succeed through services and community platforms

Christine Hu

General Manager, China

Partnering with the research community and stakeholders in Greater China in meeting their long-term academic and business goals

Iain Coleman

Research Engagement Manager, Impact Science

Providing research impact support across the whole project life cycle to research institutions, research groups, and funders in the United Kingdom

Basil D'Souza

President, Editage Korea

Partnering with universities and other academic institutions in Asia to enable authors in their publication journey and maximizing the impact of their research

Julie Wang

Director, Institutional Sales & Partnership, Greater China

Helping institutional and corporate partners in Greater China access editorial and research communication services and institutional author education courses

Ashutosh Ghildiyal

Head, Presales and Sales Operations (Global)

Partnering with global sales and delivery teams to offer creative solutions that help to meet the strategic objectives of our clients.

Shane Rydquist

Head of Delivery Operations, Impact Science

Coordinating with operational and creative teams to provide digital solutions

Prasad Balgi

Studio Head, Impact Science

Bringing science to life with engaging and easy-to-understand multimedia formats to facilitate science dissemination

Ritwika Roy

Head, Marketing Services, Impact Science

Leading digital marketing initiatives for global clients looking for innovative ways to disseminate their research

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