Our mission is to democratize research by making it accessible and engaging.

We partner with universities, governments, research institutes, journals, scholarly publishers and societies, and think tanks and help them simplify and communicate their research to various audiences.

Why choose us

Merging expertise, experience, and innovation to help key players in the research ecosystem make an impact

Understanding of research

We have the advantage of being a part of an organization that, for over 18 years, has been helping researchers get published. We have a thorough understanding of the research landscape and can help you navigate changes.

Diverse team of experts

We have the best team of science communicators, media strategists, graphic designers and animators, video specialists, web developers, impact assessment experts, and account managers who leverage their passion for research and storytelling to help you create an impact.

Innovation for better impact

We are constantly innovating with strategies and mediums to make sure our clients stay ahead of the competition. We use the latest and the best in digital communications to tell your story in an engaging manner.

Customized consultation

We understand that one size does not fit all. We are equipped to offer bespoke solutions to meet the dynamic needs of publishers, societies, universities, pharma companies, and other entities.

Access to a wider audience

We have one of the most extensive news distribution networks. We help you traverse the boundaries of geography, language, and format to disseminate your research to the widest possible target audience.

How We Work

Working with Impact Science

From strategy and conceptualization to final output and impact assessment, our team collaborates with you at every stage. Our team of marketing experts, writers, visual artists, and analysts work closely to ensure your objectives are translated into an actionable plan.

Researchers, Doctors, & Scientists







How We Work

About us

Impact Science is a part of Cactus Communications (CACTUS), a technology company accelerating scientific advancement. With over 18 years of experience in helping researchers all over the world overcome publication barriers, we have an in-depth understanding of the research landscape and what’s needed to help research make an impact.

Founded in 2019, Impact Science is CACTUS’s research communication brand. We offer solutions for science dissemination and engagement with peers, public, and policymakers for wider research outreach. We work with publishers, academic societies, universities and research institutes, and life science organizations, distil and present their breakthroughs, and disseminate it across platforms.

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Impact Science is the trusted partner of leading global universities, scholarly publishers, academic societies, and medical and life science organizations.

Our Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us, and the Cactus Communications Group (“CACTUS,” “the Company,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) is committed to protecting your privacy whilst providing a personalized and valuable service. Here at CACTUS, we are committed to safeguarding your data while rendering our professional services. Impact Science is a brand and division of the CACTUS Group that operates through various group entities including, but not limited to, those located in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, China, Korea, India, and the United States.

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